Media AQA Keywords

The feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement
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Binary Opposition
Contrast between two things causing conflict eg. good vs evil
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Restricted Narrative
Not being told the whole story
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Omniscient Narrative
When the audience know more about story than the character
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Enigma Code
A question that is not immediately answered
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Linear Narrative
Scenes are in chronological order
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Non-Linear Narrative
Scenes not in chronological order
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Cliff Hanger
The narrative ends unresolved
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Altering time sequences
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Implicit yet intentional suggestion of up coming events
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Narrative hook
An opening of a story that engages its audience
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Plot Twist
An unexpected change in plot
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Red Herring
Diverting attention away from an item of significance.
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Codes And Conventions
Common themes of the genre
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Imitation of a genre, writer or artist
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Symbolic representations
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Texts that are formed with elements from more than one genre.
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Referencing another text in one text
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Reverse Shot
One character looking at another
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Close Up
Focusing on particular parts of the body to show emotions and reactions
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Extreme Close Up
Focus on particular facial features to show emotions
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Characters hips upwards to show body language or transitional shot
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Long Shot
Shows the whole body and shows the character in the environment
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Extreme Long Shot
Shows character in a larger environment to allow the audience to focus on the environment
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Aerial Shot
Shot from crane sets the scene
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Establishing Shot
Shot of the whole environment to set the scene
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Over The Shoulder Shot
Shot form over a characters shoulder to see the interaction between the characters
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Two Shot
A shot with two character
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Low Angle Shot
Shot from a lower angle and shows power
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High Angle Shot
Shot from a high angle looking down to show lack of power
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Canted Angle Shot
Filmed on an angle to show disorientation
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Shallow Focus
Focus on the fore ground to draw attention to a particular item
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Moving the camera side ways
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Moving the camera up and down
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Continuos Editing
Coherence between shots
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Discontinuos Editing
Lack of coherence between shots
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Fast Paced Editing
Quick change of scenes
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Slow Paced Editing
Slow change of scene
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A collection of short shots to condense time and information
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Action Editing
When the editing is used to make the film more interesting
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Match Cut
A way of linking to different objects or environments to help establish a relationship between them
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Synchronous Editing
Sound that is matched to actions in the narrative
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Asynchronous Editing
Sound that is not matched to the actions in the narrative to create tension as it is an enigma
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Diegetic Sound
Sound can can be heard by the characters in the film
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Non Diegetic Sound
Sound that cannot be heard by the characters but by the audience
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Sound Effects
Sound that has been made artifically
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High Key Lighting
Lighting with little shadow to show positivity
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Low Key Lighting
Lots of shadow to show negativity
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A natural setting
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A man made setting
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The way things are positioned in the scene
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The market audience (Physical factors)
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The market audience (Psychological factors)
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Cognitive Pleasures
Pleasures that make you think
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Sensory Pleasures
Pleasures that please the senses (Audio, Visual)
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Pleasures of breaking the rules
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Utopian - Abundance
Pleasures of having a lot
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Utopian - Community
Pleasures of feeling like you are part of a community
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Utopian - Transparency
Pleasures of everything being honest
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Utopian - Energy
Pleasures of high activity levels
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Utopian - Intensity
Pleasures of intense feelings
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Active Audience
An audience who participates in things to do with product
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Passive Audience
An audience who takes a back seat in respect of a product
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Two brands working together
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Being able to access multiple platforms on one device
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Gate Keepers
Someone who controls what is published
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Overt Marketing
Obvious marketing strategy
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Covert Marketing
Less obvious marketing
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Secondary Marketing
The audience doing the marketing for them eg. retweeting
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Guerilla Marketing
Unconventional marketing strategy
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Social Advertising
Marketing on social media
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Equilibrium theory
Idea of a disruption in the story line which is then resolved
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Card 2


Contrast between two things causing conflict eg. good vs evil


Binary Opposition

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Not being told the whole story


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When the audience know more about story than the character


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A question that is not immediately answered


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