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A fixing device -the text directs the reader through the signifiers of the image.
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Audience Share
The measure of audiences viewing programmes/chanels
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Banner Ad
Internet advert which contains a link to a different website
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Banner Headline
Page wide headline
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Brand Image
How an institution/media product is promoted to create a certain perception for the public
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Name of writer
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Headline under a photo
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Computer generated image - 3D graphics used for specail effects
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Codes and Conventions
A code is a network of signs which are culturally expected/shared. A convention is a method that is commonly accepted as tradition.
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Ideas that can be applied to a media text in order to understand it
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Meanings arrived through cultural experiences that a reader brings to the text
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The coming together of media technologies
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The number of lines in a headline
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Refers to the simplest level of meaning
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The process by which shots and sound are assembled into a finished narrative
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An expression of opionion by the newspaper editor that reflects the view of the owner
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Establishing Shot
What is shown to let the viewer know where the action is set
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classification that groups together media text of a particular type
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The process by which he experience of everyday life is becoming standerdised around the world
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Words in large type, found at the top of the sotry summarising it
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Hybrid Genres
Texts which have elements of more than one genre (could create a subgenre)
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Website links which take you to another part of the website or to a new website
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A sign which in some way resembles its object (looks/sounds like it)
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Particular signs we associate with particular genres
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The opionions/ beliefs of a particular group
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The organisations/companies that produce or distribute media products
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References within a text to another text. Its expected that the audience will recognise references
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The first paragraph of a news story
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The identifiying design used by a brand for recognition
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The top of the front page which gives yout the title of the newspaper aswell as publication date
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Media Forms
Charecteristics of types of media products
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Media Franchise
The capacity to extend the life of charecters/settings/trademarks by producing futher media products
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Media Platforms
Technology through which we recieve media products
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Media Products
TV/radio programmes, films, advertisements, websites and newspapers etc produced for audiences
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Media Texts
Anything that has been constructed to appear in the media
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Process by which an institution/individual/technology comes between events that happen in the real world and the audience who receive this representation
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The composition of the shot
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The process by which stories are constructed by producers and understood by audiences
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TV broadcasting system made up of linked TV stations
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News Values
Importances of certain stories over others
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Niche Audience
The seperation of an audience into small segments, each with different tastes
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More than one meaning
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In society old certainties no longer apply, with globalisation and the internet, the cultural meanings of media constantly change
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Product Placement
Including a product in sound/vision in return for cash/services
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The main charecter in a film or any person at centre of a story
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Public service broadcasting- broadcasting system whose duty to a democratic public is to inform, educate and entertain rather than make commercial profit
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The understanding taken from and brought to the text by the audience
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Repertoire of Elements
The number of codes and conventions (technical, symbolic, narrative and setting) from which a selection can b mae
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Media texts are artificial versions of reality
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The postioning of a programme within a schedule in attempt to keep audiences tuned in
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Meanings of signs
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Image capturd by the camera, covering framing, postion and movement choices made by cinematographer
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Standerdised mental image of a person/group/place/event
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A short statement that sums up a story in a newspaper/magazine in a few words. May appear within main headline
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The process through which a series of media products derived from the same text is promoted through eatch other
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Target Audience
Specific group of people which a media text is directed
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The way in which shots and sounds/sequences of shots and sounds can be joined together to convey specific meaning
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User generated content (tweets etc)
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Viral Marketing
Encourgaed spreading of a message to others
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Vox Pop
The voice of the people, short interviews gathering opinions of the public usually in a street
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The measure of audiences viewing programmes/chanels


Audience Share

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Internet advert which contains a link to a different website


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Page wide headline


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How an institution/media product is promoted to create a certain perception for the public


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