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2. What made it happen in terms of tectonics?

  • Arabian plate moving away from the Eurasian plate (constructive plate margin)
  • Eurasion plate colliding with the Australasian plate (collision plate margin)
  • Juan De Fuca Plate moved eastwards towards the North American plate (destructive pate margin)
  • North American plate subducting under the African plate (destructive plate margin)

3. What is a positive effect of the ash errupted?

  • Cleans the roads
  • Improve the quality of the soil
  • Nothing
  • Increases the growth rate of trees

4. Where was the unstable bulge located?

  • West Face
  • North Face
  • East face
  • South Face

5. How many salmon died (estimate)?

  • 9 million
  • 12 million
  • 10 million
  • 15 million


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