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2. What two of these physical quantities identifies 1 scalar and 1 vector quantity?

  • work and power
  • time and speed
  • distance and acceleration
  • velocity and force

3. A peigon of mass 0.45kg is flying with a kinetic energy of 58J. It's speed is...

  • 22m/s
  • 16m/s
  • 11m/s
  • 8.0m/s

4. A football is kicked at speed of 12m/s at an angle of 35 degrees to the horizontal. The horizontal component of its velocity, in m/s, is given by

  • 12cos35
  • 12/sin35
  • 12sin35
  • 12/cos35

5. which of the following is not a SI base quantity?

  • mass
  • time
  • force
  • length



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