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2. A student is asked to determine the output of a mostor as it lifts an object. Hemeasures the height through which the object is raised, the time taken and the weight of the object. To find the power he must calculate...

  • height*weight/time
  • weight/Height*time
  • time*weight/height
  • height*weight*time

3. A peigon of mass 0.45kg is flying with a kinetic energy of 58J. It's speed is...

  • 11m/s
  • 16m/s
  • 8.0m/s
  • 22m/s

4. A free falling object has a speed of 5.0m/s. After falling a further 20m its speed will be...

  • 45m/s
  • 15m/s
  • 20m/s
  • 25m/s

5. What two of these physical quantities identifies 1 scalar and 1 vector quantity?

  • distance and acceleration
  • work and power
  • time and speed
  • velocity and force




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