Measure for Measure Literary terms.

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What is an aside?
A non-naturalistic dramatic technique allowing characters to voice their thoughts, sometimes directly to the audience, without other characters hearing them.
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What is blank verse?
unrhymed iambic pentameter.
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What is choric?
A group of characters who observe the action and comment on it but are not directly involved and give ironic insights into the audience's understanding of the play. (e.g. Lowlife Characters?)
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What is a couplet?
A pair of rhyming lines.
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The unfolding of a plot.
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Dramatic irony?
A commonly used device where the audience possesses more information about events that the characters themselves. Humorous.
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a verse containing maxims of popular wisdom, impressive statements of general truths.
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the complacent self-confidence tjhat causes a tragic hero to ignore the laws and warnings of gods and defy them bringing their downfall.
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iambic pentameter?
an iamb is a metric foot consisting of a weak stress followed by a strong stress ti-tum. 5 of these in a line of iambic pentameter.
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Marxist criticism?
critisism that consideres literature in relation to its capacity to reflect the struggle between the classes and the economic conditions lie at the basis of mans intelectual and social evolution.
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in comedy, a sudden change of events for the better.
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A figure of speech where something inhuman is described as a human with human atributes.
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something being 'like' or 'as'.
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dramatic convention where a character speeks directly to the audience as if thinking aloud about motives, feelings and decisons.
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the arrangement of words in a particular form and order so to achieve meaning.
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What is blank verse?


unrhymed iambic pentameter.

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What is choric?


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What is a couplet?


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