Measure For Measure

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Duke's question about Angelo
'What figure of us, think you, he will take?'
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Angelo's quote on testing himself
'Let there be some more test of my metal'
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Angelo blood quotation
'scarce confesses his blood flows'
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Angelo appetite question
'or that his appetite is more to bread than stone'
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Duke's quote on whether power changes you
'If power change purpose, what our seemers be'
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Angelo blood quotation 2
'a man whose blood is very snow-broth'
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Angelo's quotation on temptation
'Tis one thing to be tempted, Escalus, another to fall'
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Angelo's quote on his own judgement
'Let my own judgement pattern out my death'
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Act 5 Scene 1 Angelo's own sentence
'Immediate sentence, then, and sequent death'
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Angelo's justification of Claudio's sentence
'It is the law, not I'
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Isabella's description of Angelo
'proud man, dressed in little brief authority'
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Angelo questioning his sexuality
'What's this? What's this?'
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Why does Angelo desire her?
'Doust thou desire her foully for those things that make her good?'
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Angelo's blood after meeting Isabella
'my blood thus muster to my heart'
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What does Angelo's blood going to his heart mean?
'dispossessing all my other parts of necessary fitness'
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Angelo's request to Isabella
'You must lay down the treasures of your body' 'he shall not Isabel, if you give me love'
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Angelo's feelings for Isabella
'plainly conceive, I love you'
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Angelo counterfeit quote
'false prints'
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His threat about Isabella telling
'My false o'erweighs your true'
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Description of Angelo
'The precise Angelo'
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Quote on Angelo's urine
'his urine is congealed ice'
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Angelo's confict over Claudio's death
'We would, and we would not'
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Why is Claudio imprisoned?
'From too much liberty'
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Claudio's rat metaphor
'our nature do pursue, like rats that ravin down their proper bane'
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His justification of sleeping with Juliet
'you know the lady, she is fast my wife'
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Armour metaphor
'like unscoured armour, hung by the wall'
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Claudio's suggestion to Isabella
'There is a prone and speechless dialect such as move men'
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Claudio's transition after speeking to the Duke
'I have hope to live' -> 'I find I seek to die'
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Claudio's quotes on death
'death is a fearful thing', 'to lie in cold obstruction, and to rot'
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Claudio's plee to Isabella
'sweet sister, let me live'
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Horse metaphor
'The needful bits and curbs to headstrong jades'
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How long has the law been lenient?
'fourteen years we have let slip'
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Subversion of law metaphor
'The baby beats the nurse'
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The Duke's generous nature
'he would have paid for the nursing of a thousand'
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'dark deeds darkly answered'
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The Duke on Friday's
'would always eat mutton on Friday's'
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Duke's quote on death
'Death is a great disguiser'
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The duke's plan for Isabella
'I will keep her ignorant of her good'
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The Duke explaining Claudio's 'death'
'He hath released him, Isabel; - from the world'
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'Fantastical duke of dark corners'
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How Angelo refers to the Duke
'power divine'
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The Duke's proposal to Isabella
'Give me your hand and say you'll be mine'
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Isabella's intial wish
''But rather wishing a more strict restraint'
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Lucio's task for Isabella
'to soften Angelo' 'assay the power you have'
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Lucio's comment on women and God's
'when maidens sue, men give like gods'
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Isabella main quote
'There is a vice that most I do abhor'
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Giant metaphor
'it is excellent to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant'
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Angelo's quote on testing himself


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