MB1 - Personality

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1. Anxiety is caused when the ego manages impulse that threaten to get out of control. How do defence mechanisms reduce anxiety?

  • Channels negative energy out
  • Use unconscious mental operations
  • Distort reality to release impulses
  • Block reality to increase mood
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2. How does Gray's reinforcement sensitivity theory differ to Eysenck's theory?

  • Sensitivity to reward or punishment
  • Determined by biological factors
  • Spectrum of personality
  • Involves biological systems

3. What is personality?

  • Distinctive ways of behaving
  • Patterns of behaviour and thought responses
  • A psychophysical system
  • Enduring characteristics that arise in early life

4. How can traits of personality be identified?

  • Factor analysis
  • Both of the above
  • Lexical approach
  • None of the above

5. Psychodynamic theory says personality is an energy system. What is libido?

  • Innate drives that shape characteristics of personality
  • Psychic energy generated by instincts that drives behaviour by need for release
  • Psychic energy generated by unconscious processing that shapes our desires and characteristics
  • Innate drives that direct behaviour by needing satisfaction


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