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2. Which of these facts about memory is not true?

  • Active sifting occurs when forming and retrieving memories
  • Memories are constructed
  • Memories are accurate representations of our experiences
  • Schemas can distort memories

3. Which of these is not a feature of sensory memory?

  • Divides into two stores: Iconic and echoic
  • Briefly holds all sensory information from environment
  • Allows you to pay attention to important information to transfer to short-term memory
  • Encodes information in the same form it is received.

4. Which of these are NOT an example of the misinformation effect?

  • Source confusion
  • Suggestion
  • Cultural influences
  • Leading questions

5. Which of these statements is NOT involved with memory formation?

  • Long-lasting changes to synaptic efficiency due to enhanced or new connections from long-term memory
  • Gradual binding process in hippocampus
  • Structural neuronal changes
  • Greater synaptic activity


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