MB 1 - Memory

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1. Which of these is not a feature of sensory memory?

  • Encodes information in the same form it is received.
  • Briefly holds all sensory information from environment
  • Divides into two stores: Iconic and echoic
  • Allows you to pay attention to important information to transfer to short-term memory
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2. Which of these types of forgetting describes retroactive interference?

  • Information was not processed deeply during encoding
  • Physical memory traces fade with time and disuse
  • New information interferes with retrieval of previously learnt information
  • Old information interferes with retrieval of new information

3. What is motivated forgetting?

  • Forgetting memories of past experience (retrospective)
  • Forgetting memories that remind us to do something in the future (prospective)
  • Consciously or unconsciously wanting to forget an event
  • Inability to recall information but feeling like we are about to remember it

4. Which of these is NOT a feature of the associate network model of memory storage?

  • Reflects the operations of the nervous system
  • Network of associated ideas and concepts
  • Activation of one network leads to spreading activation
  • Priming occurs, preparing for once concept by another

5. In what area of the brain is working memory processed?

  • Brain stem
  • Sensory areas of cerebral cortex
  • Cortical areas across the four lobes
  • Hippocampus and surrounding areas


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