MB 1 - Consciousness

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1. What is the difference between drug tolerance and withdrawal?

  • Tolerance is when repeated drug use increases the threshold for the same effects to occur whereas withdrawal is side effects of stopping drug use after repeated use.
  • Tolerance is when repeated drug use occurs but no dependence, whereas withdrawal is a result of stopping drug use after dependence has occurred.
  • No difference, they mean the same thing.
  • Tolerance is caused by the brain unnecessarily trying to balance homeostasis whereas withdrawal is a result of the brain counteracting the effects of the drug to maintain homeostasis (necessary)
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2. Which types of brain waves are NOT associated with the sleep stages?

  • Beta
  • Alpha
  • Theta
  • Delta

3. Which of the following statements about sleep stages are true?

  • REM Periods decreases throughout the night
  • Stage 1 and 2 decrease in length throughout the night
  • Stage 3 and 4 are considered slow wave sleep
  • Stage 3 and 4 increase in length throughout the night

4. Which of these facts about dreams is NOT true?

  • Dreams are not always abstract, often containing elements of reality
  • Culture, experiences and concerns influence dreams to help prepare for our environment
  • Hypnagogic state describes vivid images/hallucinations that occur during stage 3 and 4
  • Dreams occur in all stages of sleep

5. Consciousness is a moment to moment awareness of ourselves and environment. Which of the following is a property of consciousness?

  • Unrelated to attention
  • Objective
  • Dynamic
  • Public


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