MAY 2016 Marketing First Half

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1. Marketing mix planning begins with ________.

  • a) Building an offering that brings value to target customers
  • c) Finding a suitable promotion strategy for the product
  • d) Selecting the right channel for distribution of the product
  • b) Setting a reasonable price for the product
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2. 1. Advertising usually facilitates two-way communication with the audience 2. Advertising is personal 3. Advertising is relatively inexpensive compared to other promotional methods 4. Advertising can be used to build up a long-term image of a brand

  • b) 1, 2 & 3
  • d) 4
  • a) 2, 3 & 4
  • c) 1 & 2

3. Because practically all marketers provide some services, ______ typically do not exist in today's business environment.

  • c) Customer services
  • b) Pure services
  • a) Pure goods
  • d) Tangible-dominant products

4. Kellogg's begins to sell its cereals in new markets after conducting extensive marketing research. After the cereal begins to appear in these new markets, the company increases its promotion expenditure to check competition. Kellogg's is in the _____

  • d) Maturity
  • c) Growth
  • a) Adoption
  • b) Introduction

5. A direct-response information form found in a magazine advertisement that allows customers to send for more information has a primary objective of __________.

  • d) Identifying prospects
  • a) Encouraging product trial
  • c) Creating awareness
  • b) Stimulating demand


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