MAY 2016 Marketing First Half

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1. Because practically all marketers provide some services, ______ typically do not exist in today's business environment.

  • c) Customer services
  • a) Pure goods
  • d) Tangible-dominant products
  • b) Pure services
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2. A direct-response information form found in a magazine advertisement that allows customers to send for more information has a primary objective of __________.

  • d) Identifying prospects
  • b) Stimulating demand
  • a) Encouraging product trial
  • c) Creating awareness

3. Kellogg's begins to sell its cereals in new markets after conducting extensive marketing research. After the cereal begins to appear in these new markets, the company increases its promotion expenditure to check competition. Kellogg's is in the _____

  • b) Introduction
  • c) Growth
  • d) Maturity
  • a) Adoption

4. Which of the following support a ‘repositioning’ strategy? 1. Increase advertising spend 2. Expand the product line 3. Increase prices to increase quality perceptions 4. Minimise costs to maximise profits

  • b) 1
  • a) 3
  • d) 1, 2 & 3
  • c) 2, 3 & 4

5. Often when a company introduces a new product or line extension, its promotion will focus on _______ in order to initiate the product-adoption process.

  • d) Identifying prospects
  • a) Creating awareness
  • b) Stimulating demand
  • c) Retaining loyal customers


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