MAY 2015 Marketing Third

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1. ________ is the differential effect that knowing the brand name has on customer response to the product and its marketing.

  • c) Brand knowledge
  • b) Brand relevance
  • a) Brand equity
  • d) Brand personality
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2. What does the term 'Perishability' mean with regard to services marketing?

  • a) Services are manufactured at the same time as being consumed.
  • c) Services cannot be examined.
  • b) Services are consumed immediately – they cannot be stored.
  • d) No physical product or goods change hands.

3. Price elasticity of demand is represented by ________ divided by ________.

  • a) Percentage change in units supplied; percentage change in price
  • b) Fixed costs; variable costs
  • d) Percentage change in quantity demanded; percentage change in price
  • c) Percentage change in price; percentage change in quantity demanded

4. Which of the following are service product characteristics? 1) Homologous 2) Inseparability 3) Heuristic 4) Intangible

  • a) 1 and 3
  • b) 2 and 4
  • c) 3 and 4
  • d) all of them

5. There are various levels of market segmentation based upon the unique needs and wants of consumers. Adapting a company's offerings to more closely match the needs of one sub-segment - in which there is little competition - is referred to as what type

  • a) Segment marketing
  • d) Target marketing
  • c) Niche marketing
  • b) Mass marketing


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