MAY 2015 Marketing Third

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1. Which of the following are service product characteristics? 1) Homologous 2) Inseparability 3) Heuristic 4) Intangible

  • c) 3 and 4
  • a) 1 and 3
  • b) 2 and 4
  • d) all of them
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2. In relation to consumer behaviour, which of the following is NOT a recognised role within the ‘Decision Making Unit’?

  • a) Influencer
  • b) Seller
  • c) Initiator
  • d) Buyer

3. Individuals and business organisations that buy finished goods and resell them to make a profit without changing the physical characteristics of the product are classified as _________ markets

  • a) Consumer
  • d) Reseller
  • b) Institutional
  • c) Producer

4. In Porter’s Five Forces competitive model, which of the following relates directly to the power of the consumer?

  • c) Ability to substitute
  • b) Power of distributers
  • d) Threat of competitor market entry
  • a) Power of suppliers

5. “Price” enables the organisation to achieve which of the following outcomes?

  • b) Profit
  • a) Revenue streams
  • d) All of the above
  • c) Demand management


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