MAY 2015 Marketing Second Half

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1. A disadvantage of the concentrated targeting strategy is that

  • a) The firm's financial condition is tied to a single and specialised marketing mix.
  • b) Large sales volumes cannot be generated.
  • d) Marketing costs are often higher than for other strategies.
  • c) Production costs may be higher than with other strategies.
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2. Some intermediaries have the choice of whether or not they will sell the products they are offered. Not all manufacturers have the power or ability to design their channel strategy and to select their ideal members. This is known as?

  • b) Forward selection
  • d) Horizontal selection
  • a) Reverse selection
  • c) Backward selection

3. In marketing distribution channels, which of the following are NOT considered to be the role of the intermediary? a) Limit liability b) Reduce breakage and poor ordering c) Increase efficiency and reduce costs d) Increase order size and reduce expens

  • b) a
  • d) none of them
  • c) c
  • a) all of them

4. Faced with unknown levels of perceived risk when buying an expensive item, consumers are likely to?a) Seek additional information b) Rely on word of mouth c) Look at alternatives / substitutes d) Take more time before making a purchasing decision

  • b) c, d
  • a) a, b
  • d) all of them
  • c) none of them

5. In services marketing, the term ‘intangible’ means?

  • b) Services are consumed immediately – they cannot be stored
  • c) Services cannot be examined
  • d) No physical product or goods change hands
  • a) Services are manufactured at the same time as being consumed


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