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2. Maybelline used Sarah Michelle Gellar, an actress, to endorse a new range of cosmetics. This message execution style is referred to as ________.

  • a) Personality symbol
  • c) Testimonial evidence
  • b) Lifestyle
  • d) Image

3. In services marketing, the term ‘intangible’ means?

  • a) Services are manufactured at the same time as being consumed
  • d) No physical product or goods change hands
  • c) Services cannot be examined
  • b) Services are consumed immediately – they cannot be stored

4. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?

  • c) Strategic planning begins at the marketing level and proceeds through business-unit and corporate levels.
  • d) Strategic planning begins at the corporate level and proceeds through business-unit and marketing levels.
  • a) Of the three levels of planning, corporate strategy is the broadest.
  • b) Marketing strategy should be consistent with both the business-unit and corporate strategies.

5. Stores such as ALDI, LIDL, and Primark use ________ positioning.

  • b) More for less
  • a) More for the same
  • c) Same for less
  • d) More for more


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