MAY 2015 Marketing First Half

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1. The company's products are available to the public only through Greenleaf, a grocery chain with 38 stores in the country. What distribution strategy does Giant Beanstalks use?

  • a) Selective distribution
  • d) Exclusive distribution
  • c) Extensive distribution
  • b) Intensive distribution
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2. A university enrolled 200 graduate students in the Autumn semester 2013. The enrolment rate was only slightly affected following a 12% hike in tuition fee. This illustrates a(n)________ demand

  • b) Negative
  • a) Derived
  • c) Inelastic
  • d) Highly elastic

3. A market in which a large proportion of customers have similar needs for a product is called a(n) ____ market.

  • c) Homogenous
  • a) Undifferentiated
  • d) Concentrated
  • b) Heterogeneous

4. The percentage of a market which actually buys a specific product from a specific company is referred to as that product's __________.

  • a) Strategic segment
  • d) Market position
  • c) Market share
  • b) Target market

5. Which of the following is the right order of the four steps to design a customer-driven marketing strategy?

  • Positioning, market segmentation, mass marketing, and targeting
  • Market alignment, market segmentation, differentiation, and market positioning
  • Market segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning
  • Market segmentation, differentiation, positioning, and targeting


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