MAY 2015 Marketing First Half

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1. Consumers today receive commercial messages from a broad range of sources. However, consumers ________ the way marketers do.

  • b) Don't distinguish between message sources
  • d) Never pay attention to sales promotions
  • a) Don't care about buzz marketing
  • c) Block out all media messages
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2. A market in which a large proportion of customers have similar needs for a product is called a(n) ____ market.

  • a) Undifferentiated
  • d) Concentrated
  • c) Homogenous
  • b) Heterogeneous

3. ‘Target Marketing’ can be defined as:

  • A means of identifying the distinct profile of a portion of the population based upon a single characteristic
  • a) A means of identifying the distinct profile of a portion of the population based upon a number of characteristics
  • A means of selecting a sub-group from the larger population and directing all marketing efforts towards satisfying the needs of these people
  • b) A means of identifying sub-groups from the larger population based upon clearly identified common traits and characteristics

4. If 50% of the population are males and 50% females and an interviewer is asked to undertake a survey outside the university on a Friday at 3.00pm selecting males and females based on this split, this is an example of:

  • Stratified random sampling
  • b) Quota sampling
  • c) Random sampling
  • d) Convenience sampling

5. Avon believes that sales of one of its lipstick lines have fallen due to the introduction of a new lipstick line, but it wants to make this tentative hypothesis more specific before proceeding. Avon should conduct _______________.

  • d) Descriptive research
  • b) Hypothesis testing
  • c) Exploratory research
  • Experimental research


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