Matters of Death

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The point at which a person stops working for their living
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People over a certain age (65- OAP)
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Agesim is a problem faced
Prejudice against people because of their age.
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Health Issues
As we age our body and brain becomes less efficient, older people can suffer more from ill-health
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Financial Problems
People may struggle to survive on the state pension
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Loss of friends and family as others age with them, but also the concern over there own death, ending of life.
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The elderly may suffer from loneliness
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Mental Health Issues
Dementia and Alzheimers
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Care is often not needed
Elderly people may travel or volunteer, they have for-filling lives.
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Self- relient
Do not need much help and support
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Access support services
May be prodived for those who need a little more help, eg, meals on wheels, community centre afternoons
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Sheltered accommodation
Close support warden system in place
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Care homes
Home for the elderly where their needs are catered for day and night.
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Life After Death - Christianity
Christians believe in the physical resurrection of the body. At death the body waits until judgement day (purgatory - Catholics) god then faces them and decides whether they deserve to go to heaven or hell.
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Life After Death - Hindus
Hindus believe in reincarnation. There Atman or soul lives through many lifetimes. Each lifetime is shaped by the thoughts actions and words of their past lives. It is the goal to reach enlightenment.
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Terminal illness
An illness that can not be cured, it will lead to death
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Case Studies of organisations who care for those who are terminally ill include ...
... Macmillan Cancer support and nurses and St. Barnabas Hospice care
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A place where the terminally ill can be cared for in their last days.
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Hospices are different from Hospitals because ...
...people don't come here to recover, they are run by charities, they also provide support for the family, as well as having more professionals to the number of patients than hospitals.
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Hospices also...
...provide emotional and spiritual well-being support for the patients as well as educating people about the work of hospices.
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The sadness after a persons death, however some begin before the person dies.
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Religions help by...
...setting up hospices, talk to the dying, help those who are in mourning
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Mercy Killing or Gentle Death, is helping somebody to die who is terminally ill or has a degenerative illness and is suffering and wants to die, it can be active, passive, voluntary or involuntary
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Active Euthanasia ..
....lethal injection, leads directly to death
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Passive Euthanasia...
...where support is taken away allowing the illness to kill the person.
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Voluntary Euthanasia...
...the person asks to die, they want to be helped and no longer want to live
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Non-Voluntary Euthanasia...
... the person does not ask but it is the families decision to that this is the best option, they no they will never recover
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Arguments for Euthanasia...
It is our life, we have the right to decide. It is an act of compassion. Medicine can do no more. Life is so bad, so much suffering. There is no point if no chance of recovery.
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Arguments against Euthanasia...
Life is god given, Simply a form of murder, to allow euthanasia would be to encourage it, may need to suffer to make up for the things they have done.
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Life Support
Allows people to continue to live, my be aided by machines to help them breathe or there heart beat.
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Religious beliefs on Euthanasia
Most are completely against it, some agree in some forms
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People over a certain age (65- OAP)



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Prejudice against people because of their age.


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As we age our body and brain becomes less efficient, older people can suffer more from ill-health


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People may struggle to survive on the state pension


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