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1. what is not a reason for using the mathscript node rather than standard labview

  • the code runs faster
  • acess to larger number of functions
  • quicker to type in equations than using function blocks
  • easier to read flow of data
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2. what does the function sum(n) return

  • returns the sum of all the numbers in matrix n
  • sums the values in a vector or row
  • sums the values in a vector or column
  • returns vector with number of rows and columns in n

3. which is not a use for the solve function

  • solve a set of simultaneous equations
  • solving a numeric equation
  • rearanging the equation for a particular variable
  • solving symbolic equation

4. what will return from: a=(3,0,7,9,0,1,3,8) z=find (a>3)

  • z=(7,9,8)
  • z=(0,0,1,1,0,0,0,1)
  • z=(3,4,8)
  • (3,4,8)

5. y=(ax+b) how would you replace a in the expression y with the value 3 and b with 4

  • subs (y,{a,b},{3,4})
  • subs (y,(a,b),(3,4))
  • a=3, b=4
  • subs ((y,a,3), (b,4))


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