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2. whats simulink useful for

  • solving differential equations
  • writing matlab code in labview
  • plotting real time data
  • creating an interface for the code so the user to interact with

3. which of the following is false about the mathscript interactive window

  • debugging tools cant be used
  • you can't inport prewritten code into it
  • user defined functions can be called from script files
  • there isnt a error bar down the side

4. what will return from: a=(3,0,7,9,0,1,3) b=(0,4,7,0,1,0,2) c=a&b

  • c=(3,7)
  • c=(0,0,1,0,0,0,1)
  • c=(3,4,14,9,1,1,5)

5. how do you code whole matrix multiplication

  • **
  • x
  • *
  • .*


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