Maths GCSE Trigonometric Ratios

Trigonometry is concerned with the calculation of sides and angles in triangles, and involves the use of three important ratios- Sine, Cosine and Tangent.

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1. In a right angled triangle, what is the name of the longest side?

  • Opposite
  • Hypotenuse
  • Adjacent
  • Tangent
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2. Which side two sides require the use of the Sine ratio?

  • Opposite and Hypotenuse
  • Adjacent and Opposite
  • Adjacent and Hypotenuse

3. How is Sine used in relation to the two sides?

  • Sine= Adjacent x Opposite
  • Sine= Hypotenuse x Opposite
  • Sine=Opposite / Hypotenuse
  • Sine= Adjacent x Hypotenuse
  • Sine= Hypotenuse / Opposite

4. How is Cosine used in relation to the two sides?

  • Cosine= Opposite / Adjacent
  • Cosine= Hypotenuse/Adjacent
  • Cosine= Adjacent / Hypotenuse
  • Cosine= Opposite x Adjacent
  • Cosine= Opposite x Hypotenuse

5. How is Tangent used in relation to two sides?

  • Tangent= Opposite / Hypotenuse
  • Tangent= Adjacent x Opposite
  • Tangent= Hypotenuse / Adjacent
  • Tangent= Opposite / Adjacent
  • Tangent= Adjacent x Hypotenuse


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Trigonometry is easy :D. But, i want a quiz about polygons, because some questions are hard to answer. Plus, when i can use the best formulas in the polygons questions ???



Straight forward testing of basic principles of trigonometry

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This shizzles lit fam 



Ummm.... that was hard...

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