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2. Why does the sample need to be ionized?

  • So particles can be accelerated and deflected
  • So particles can only be deflected
  • So particles can be made lighter
  • So particles can only be accelerated

3. What deflects the ions?

  • Fan
  • Electric current
  • Magnetic field
  • Negatively charged plate

4. What data does mass spectrometery give?

  • Accurate info on toxicity of sample
  • Accurate info on molecules and their type
  • Accurate info on isotopes and their relative amlounts
  • Accurate info on size of atoms

5. What is the rule of thumb about ion movement?

  • Able to take bends
  • Move in a straight line unless a force is applied
  • Will continually spread out
  • Gradually become slower over distances


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