Mass Media Definitions

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Market Mechanism of the Media
Pluralist Arguement that media content is determined by audiences through supply and demand.
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Old Media
Analogue media e.g. Cinema, TV and print.
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New Media
Digital Media e.g Internet, PCs and digital TV.
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Ideological State Apparatus (ISA)
A collection of institutions that transmit ideology that supports the existing social arrangements.
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Making the system seem just and fair.
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The ideological control that the ruling-class elite have over the masses.The dominant set of ideas and values.
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False Consciousness
The illusion instilled into the working class that the capitalist sytem is fair for everyone in society.
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Mass Culture
Comtemporary culture as the product of capitalism, mass production and the mass media.
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Popular Culture
The view that contemporary culture is the product of interaction between mass culture and other cultural forms such as high culture and folk culture.
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Increased world interconnectedness through the flow of nations, people. ideas, technology and culture in general.
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Cultural Imperialism
When the cultural output of one region dominates the cultural output of other regions, especially the aggressive promotion of western culture.
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Public Sphere
A real or virtual place where people come together as equal participantsin democratic discussions.
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News Values
The criteria used by journalists and editors to decide if a story is newsworthy.
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Dumbing Down
The idea tha news hasbecome more populist and more sensational, less inelligent and less informative.
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The idea that news stories should havea beginning, middle and end. Journalists and editors try to fit stories into this strcture.
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News Management
The way that governments and otherstry to manipulate the presentation of news to show themselves in a favourable light.
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News Diary
A journalist's planner of future newsworthy events.
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Social Construct
Something that is defined by society and that changes according to time and place.
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Homogeneous Audience
An assumption that audiences have common social characteristics andreac in similar ways to media texts.
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Social Networks
Groups of people such as friends and family, who influence our uses and interpretations of media texts.
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Transnational Corporation (TNC)
A large business with operations and outlets in a range of countries.
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Cross-media Ownership
When a company owns a range of media forms, such as TV and newspapers.
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Media Conglomerate
An organisationthat owns large numbers of companies in various mass media such as television, radio, publishing and film
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Vertical Integration
When a media company controls every stage of media production, e.g. it makes and broadcast TV programmes.
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Integration of different media forms.
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Opinion Leaders
Influential individuals in social networks.
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Heterogeneous Audience
A view that audiences have very different social characteristics and react differently to media texts.
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Homogeneous Audience
An assumption that audiences have common social characteristics and react in similar ways to media texts.
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Moral Panic
When society reacts against percieved deviance, because of media representations.
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Secondary Deviance
When crackdowns on deviance produce further deviance in response to action by police and others.
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Deviancy Amplification
When the actions of the media or police cause more crime to be detected or committed.
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A group blamed for the problems of society.
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A preconcieved, standardised and oversimplified impression of the characteristics which typify a person, social group or situation.
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Male dominance of society, and the means by which this is transmitted from generation to generation, e.g. the media.
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Reception Analysis
An analysis of how people interpret and use media texts in different ways.
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The inclusion of a figure who may be black, female, gay, a minority, into a media text to show that the text is not racist, sexist etc.
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Depiction of gay people as effeminate, mincing men with high voices.
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Heterosexual Gaze
The idea that homosexual issues are presented by the media from a heterosexual viewpoint.
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Technological Determinism
The concept that a society's technology determines its cultural values, social structure or history.
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When audiences and participants play an active role in creating and responding to media content.
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Virtual Community
A community that is formed through digital interaction and that has no physical existence.
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Analogue media e.g. Cinema, TV and print.

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