Mass Media: Two Step Flow and U+G

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1. Who stated that young may see new forms of media as lessening need for face to face communication - social and community interaction eroded by privatisation of new media technologies - influence socially from confines of bedroom?

  • Klapper
  • Watson
  • Blumler and McQuail
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2. Which three filters did Klapper state media messages must pass through? (all correct)

  • selective retention: messages have to stick in mind of those who have accessed the media content
  • selective exposure: audience choose, media messages can have no effect if no one seems them, choose content based on film certification system
  • selective perception: audience may not accept the message - may take notice of some but reject/ignore others

3. Which 4 basic needs did Blumler and McQuail note? (all correct)

  • Diversion: people immerse themselves in media to make up for lack of satisfaction at work and daily lives
  • Personal relationships: media used to compensate for decline of community as people identify with soap characters as we know more about them then our own neighbours. cyber communities - alternative families
  • Personal identity: people use media to makeover or modify their identity
  • Surveillance: people use media to obtain info and news about the social world in order to help them make up their minds on particular issues

4. Who stated that personal relationships and conversations with SO result in people modifying/rejecting media messages - social networks are usually dominated by an opinion leader?

  • Lull
  • Katz and Lazarsfeld
  • Klapper

5. Which two stages did Katz and Lazarsfeld suggest media messages have to go through? (both correct)

  • the opinion leader is exposed to media content
  • those who respect the opinion leader internalise their interpretation of that content


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