Mass Media: The New Media

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1. What does dispersal mean?

  • media become less centralised - huge growth of media product of all kinds which have become part of everyday life - routine of using internet for shopping/fb shows how media has penetrated into fabric of everyday life
  • links that form a web of connections to other bits of info which give users a way of searching, interacting with and customising the media for their own use
  • consumers have an opportunity to engage/interact with the media creating their own material, customising viewing to their own wishes with much greater choice than traditional media
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2. Who came up with these 5 concepts: Digitality, Interactivity, Hypertextuality, Dispersal and Virtuality?

  • Lister
  • Optimists
  • Pessimists

3. Who believed that the new media created media imperialism, lack of regulation, no increase in consumer choice, undermining of human relationships and communications and the digital divide?

  • lister
  • pesismists
  • optimists

4. Who believes that the new media widens consumer choice, creates more participation, more democracy, more access to high culture, world becomes a global village and social life and interaction are enhanced?

  • Optimists
  • Pessimists
  • Lister

5. What does "social life and social interaction is enhance"?

  • now hundreds of digital, cable and satellite TV channels, websites and online newspapers for people to choose from
  • new media opened up new channels for communication and interaction, enhancing/supplementing existing face to face interactions, achieved in following ways: alternative identities, people stay in touch via email when away, social networking lost conn
  • interactive digital, TV, blogging, video and photo sharing websites and social networking sites all give consumers more opportunity to participate in the production of media content


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