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2. Who believed that some sections of the media imply that the lives of white people are somehow more important than the lives on none white people - news items about disasters in other countries often restricted to few lines/words?

  • Philo
  • Van Dijk
  • Akinti

3. According to Philo and Beattie, what did TV journalists always forget?

  • majority of the immigrants coming into the UK are here legally
  • immigrants in the UK had made a substantial contribution to economy
  • immigration figures were often over exaggerated

4. According to Van Dijk, which 3 groups seem to constitute the greatest threat in the UK according to newspapers and TV?

  • Immigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Muslims
  • Immigrants, Teenagers, Muslims
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Muslims and Afro Caribbean Males

5. Who found that the common news stereotype was the idea that ethic minorities are posing a threat to the majority white culture?

  • Akinti
  • Van Dijk
  • Hall


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