Mass Media: Representations of ethnicity

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1. Who argued that Islam was demonised by the Western media - it has traditionally been portrayed as a threat to western interests and represented in a wholly negative way?

  • GUMG
  • Poole
  • Nandi
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2. Who did Richardson study?

  • British Muslims
  • Immigrants in the UK
  • Asylum Seekers in the UK

3. Who argues that TV coverage of ethnic minorities over focuses on crime, AIDs in Africa and black under achievement in schools, whilst ignoring the culture and interests of a huge black audience?

  • GUMG
  • Akinti
  • Van Dijk

4. Who believed that some sections of the media imply that the lives of white people are somehow more important than the lives on none white people - news items about disasters in other countries often restricted to few lines/words?

  • Philo
  • Van Dijk
  • Akinti

5. Who notes that moral panics often result from media stereotyping of black people as potentially criminal?

  • Nandi
  • Watson
  • Richardson


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