Mass Media: Representations of age

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1. What is meant by the stereotype of the elderly "infantile"?

  • media portray them as children who need to be treated as such/as helpless and dependent on other younger members of the family/society
  • (using for definition purposes)
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2. Who believed that children are also represented in TV commercials in ways that socialise them to become more active consumers?

  • Chandler
  • Lee
  • Cohen

3. What is meant by the stereotype of childhood "as brilliant"?

  • perhaps as child prodigies or as heroes for saving the life of an adult
  • (using for definition purposes)

4. What is meant by the stereotype of the elderly "as a burden"?

  • portrayed as an economic burden on society in terms of costs to the younger generation of pensions/healthcare/as a physical and social burden on younger members of their families who have to worry about and care for them
  • (using for definition purposes)

5. According to Lee, what percentage of the adverts representing the elderly represented them as being 'golden agers'?

  • 23%
  • 72%
  • 90%
  • 65%


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