Mass Media: Representations of age

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1. What is meant by the stereotype of childhood "as brave little angels"?

  • suffering from a long term or terminal illness or disability
  • (using for definition purposes)
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2. Who found that advertising agencies were wary of using models that they considered might alienate younger audiences?

  • Cohen
  • Smigin and Carrington
  • Lee

3. Which group did Cohen believe were powerless and an easily identifiable group to blame for societies problems?

  • children
  • Young people
  • teenagers

4. How are children being encouraged to pester parents?

  • TV advertising and film merchandising
  • peer groups
  • magazines

5. What percentage of the elderly were represented in advertising according to Lee?

  • 42%
  • 12%
  • 15%
  • 20%


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