Mass Media: Ownership and Control - Marxist

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1. Manipulative and Instrumentalist approach (all correct)

  • audience assumed to be passive - mass of unthinking and uncritical robots - this audience exposed to limited range of options and manipulated through biased reports - dumbed down content diverts focus from serious issues
  • owners use the media to spread ideas which justify he power of the dominant class
  • media managers have little choice other than to run the media within the boundaries set down by owners
  • owners of the media have direct control over the content of media and they can and do interfere in media content
  • journalists depend for job on supporting interests of owners, reports of journalists biased - ideas/groups that threaten status quo attacked, ridiculed/ignored
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2. Who stated that the media plays an important role in spreading the dominant ideology - media control access to knowledge which people have about what is happening in society and to encourage them to accept the unequal society in which they live?

  • Althusser
  • Miliband
  • Marx

3. Which approach recognises power of owners but suggests they rarely interfere with content - emphasises idea of hegemony - spread of dominant ideology, social classes persuaded to accept values and beliefs in ideology as reasonable - common sense?

  • hegemonic
  • manipulative and instrumentalist

4. Who stated that the media creates a climate of conformity among the mass of the population which justifies the rule of the rich and powerful and leads to a state of false class consciousness - ideas that challenge/threaten ideology ignored?

  • Miliband
  • Marx
  • Althusser

5. What does this approach believe? (all correct)

  • journalists generally support the ideology share similar view of world to that of dominant class - most journalists white, middle class and male and are socialised into profession values - support dominant ideology
  • owners of media rarely have direct control over content of media - day to day control of media content left to then hands of managers and journalists
  • media managers and journalists inevitably influenced by desire not to upset owners and to protect careers - need to attract audiences and adveritisers - artificial content of ideology may attract audiences
  • common sense assumptions are shaped by journalists - audience exposed to limited range as options mostly within framework of the dominant ideology


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