Mass Media: Media representations of disability

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1. Who found that TV and press reporting of people suffering mental disabilities often focuses on violent incidents despite the fact that only a tiny minority of people with mental health impairments are potentially violent?

  • Philo
  • GUMG
  • Barnes
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2. Who identified 3 broad categories of disability stereotype in cinemas (the criminal, the sub human, the powerless/pathetic character)??

  • Philo
  • Cumberbatch and Negrime
  • Ross and Sancho

3. Which group did Ross and Sancho identify as being especially irritated by portrayals of miraculous cures and a lack of reality?

  • Children
  • Young Adults
  • Elders

4. What did Roper suggest about the effects of telethons?

  • they make people aware of disabled and help them feel more sympathetic of their cause - increases awareness
  • can create problems for the disabled - telethons over rely on cute children, not representative of disabled people in UK - charities rather than government bodies provide funs, people rarely question why people disadvantaged in first place
  • they have no effect on the well being of the disabled

5. What is meant by the stereotype "as an object of violence"?

  • when disabled people featured in TV drama - 3 times more likely than able bodied characters to be killed off - reinforces idea of the disabled as victims
  • (using this for definition purposes)


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