Mass Media: Media Representations - Gender

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1. Who believed that magazines promote a cult of femininity which shows how excellence is achieved through caring for others, marriage and appearance?

  • Ferguson
  • Wolf
  • Orbach
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2. What is meant by the media representation of femininity "Limited roles"?

  • women seen as just being child bearers and punished for expressing sexuality
  • presentations of women in media is biased because it emphasises womens domestic, sexual, consumer and marital activities to the exclusion of all else
  • lack of women as newsreaders and game show hosts etc

3. Which magazine did Gauntlett focus her attention on?

  • FHM
  • Zoo
  • GQ

4. How many women were featured in Sports Monthly in 2008?

  • 49
  • 19
  • 13
  • 53

5. Who believed that women are hardly in the news?

  • Gallagher
  • Tuchman
  • Gill


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