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2. What is meant by the media representation of femininity "Limited roles"?

  • women seen as just being child bearers and punished for expressing sexuality
  • presentations of women in media is biased because it emphasises womens domestic, sexual, consumer and marital activities to the exclusion of all else
  • lack of women as newsreaders and game show hosts etc

3. Who suggested that the media can create anxiety in young females with regards to body image and identity which can create eating disorders?

  • Orbach
  • Ferguson
  • Wolf

4. What are the three stereotypes identified by Gill?

  • young physically toned and smart hetero uses sexual power over men, vengeful hetero beautiful woman set on punishing ex, hot lesbian entwined with beautiful woman
  • women hardly in news, barely any coverage of women's sports, women invisible in the media

5. Who believe women were symbolically annihilated?

  • Gallagher
  • Tuchman
  • Gill


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