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2. What is meant by the term "symbolic annihilation"?

  • women's sports rarely covered
  • womens achievements are often not reported, or are condemned or trivialised by the mass media - achievements presented as less important than looks and sex appeal
  • women hardly in news
  • women are invisible in the media

3. Who suggested that the images of women used by the media present a particular beauty ideal through which they transmit a strong ideological message that women should treat their bodies as a project in constant need of improvement?

  • Wolf
  • Orbach
  • Ferguson

4. Who believe women were symbolically annihilated?

  • Gallagher
  • Tuchman
  • Gill

5. How many men were featured in Sports Monthly in 2008?

  • 177
  • 145
  • 209
  • 134


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