Mass Media: Hypodermic Syringe Model

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1. Who stated that imitation is a likely outcome of media violence because onscreen it is shown as a heroic problem solving exercise that not only goes unpunished but also brings rewards?

  • Bandura
  • McCabe and Martin
  • Newson
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2. What is the term for when children and teenagers are subjected to thousands of killings and acts of violence as they grow up through watching TV and films - drip drip effect - socailised into accepting violent behaviour as normal?

  • Desensitisation
  • Disinhibition effect

3. Who suggested that *********** trivialises **** and makes men increasingly callous to cruelty, infliction of pain, violence against persons and abuse of women?

  • Dworkin
  • Newson
  • Martin

4. Who came up with the term Desensitisation?

  • McCabe
  • Newson
  • Dworkin

5. What is the term for when children believe that in some social situations, the normal rules that govern conflict and difference can be suspended?

  • Disinhibition Effect
  • Desensitisation


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