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2. What do Cohen and Kennedy believe about cultural pessimists?

  • they underestimate the strength of local cultures
  • they overestimate the strength of local cultures

3. Who states that the term 'global' rarely means 'universal' - new media particularly satellite tv, global advertising, films and internet companies have led to a westernisation of cultures?

  • Kennedy
  • Fenton
  • Flew

4. Who argues that elements of high culture have now become a part of pop culture and vice versa - high culture images now reproduced on everything from socks and t shirts to mugs, mouse mats and posters?

  • Putnam
  • Strinati
  • Flew

5. What is the term for companies like McDonald's, Coca Cola, Vodafone etc now recognised across the world due to global media advertising - MDs 26,500 restaurants in 119 countries - identical food product anywhere in world - promotes global culture?

  • McDonaldisation
  • Cocacolanisation


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