Mass Media: Globalisation

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1. Who criticises cultural pessimists by stating that people do not generally abandon their cultural traditions, family duties, religious beliefs and national identities because they listen to Madonna or watch a Disney movie - produce hybrid cultures?

  • Cohen and Kennedy
  • Ritzer
  • Putnam
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2. Who states that the term 'global' rarely means 'universal' - new media particularly satellite tv, global advertising, films and internet companies have led to a westernisation of cultures?

  • Fenton
  • Flew
  • Kennedy

3. What do Cohen and Kennedy believe about cultural pessimists?

  • they underestimate the strength of local cultures
  • they overestimate the strength of local cultures

4. Who states that one of the side effects of global culture organised around tv and the internet is that people are no longer willing to get involved in their communities, they would rather stay at home and watch tv?

  • Strinati
  • Putnam
  • Flew

5. What is the term for companies like McDonald's, Coca Cola, Vodafone etc now recognised across the world due to global media advertising - MDs 26,500 restaurants in 119 countries - identical food product anywhere in world - promotes global culture?

  • McDonaldisation
  • Cocacolanisation


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