Mass Media: Globalisation

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1. What do Cohen and Kennedy believe about cultural pessimists?

  • they underestimate the strength of local cultures
  • they overestimate the strength of local cultures
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2. Who states that one of the side effects of global culture organised around tv and the internet is that people are no longer willing to get involved in their communities, they would rather stay at home and watch tv?

  • Putnam
  • Flew
  • Strinati

3. Who came up with the term McDonaldisation?

  • Flew
  • Ritzer
  • Cohen

4. Who came up with the term "Cocacolanisation"?

  • Kennedy
  • Fenton
  • Putnam

5. What is the process whereby most media conglomerates are now based in the US along with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Facebook? people around the world have become exposed to US movies and television, fast foods and soft drinks?

  • Cocacolanisation
  • McDonaldisation


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