marxist view of crime

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1. what is the definition of: the dominance in socity of the rullign classes set of ideas over others and acceptance of and consent to them by the rest of society

  • false consciousness
  • hegemony
  • dominate ideology
  • crimoegenic
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2. what is the definition of: the idea that capitalism causes crime

  • crimoegenic
  • cries in capitalism
  • union carbide
  • false consciousness

3. what is the definition of: term used by Brake to describe the illusion of working class youth subcultures as anti capitalist

  • moral panic
  • magical resistance
  • false consciousness
  • cries in capitalism

4. who argues that heath and safety laws perform an ideological function

  • Gordon
  • Pearce
  • Chambliss
  • Marx

5. what is the definition of: a wave of public concern about some imaginary threat to society, stirred up by exaggerated and sensationalised reporting in the mass media

  • the new criminology
  • crisis of capitalism
  • moral panic
  • marginal resistance


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