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2. what is the definition of: the ecnomic base of socity which contains both the means of production and the relations of production and which determines the nature of the superstructure

  • ideology
  • capitalism
  • infrastructure
  • superstructure

3. what is the definition of: people are not aware of their true identity as exploited workers- they feel that capitalism is fair and inevitable

  • hegemony
  • false consciousness
  • alenatation
  • exploitation

4. what is the definition of: a set of norms, values, ideas and beliefs ( it is usually referd to in a negitive way) which support a ruling groups position

  • Hegemony
  • Ideology
  • Legitimate
  • false consciousness

5. what is the definition of: workers do not receive a fair share of the profit they have made from their labour- the economic profit that workers have made is taken from them

  • capitalism
  • legitimate
  • exploitation
  • alimentation


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