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1. What is the name of the left realist crime prevention method?

  • Serious crime prevention
  • Social & community crime prevention
  • Environmental crime prevention
  • Social crime prevention
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2. Feminists criticise Taylor et al's theory for focusing on male criminality and therefore being...

  • Gender blind.
  • Masculine frozen.
  • Sexist.
  • Discriminatory.

3. Althusser criticises traditional Marxists as the superstructure is more complicated, there are repressive state apparatuses that force us to behave ideological state apparatuses that control us through ideology. What viewpoint does Althusser have?

  • Postmodernist.
  • Functionalist
  • Neo-Marxist
  • Subcultural theorist

4. Left realists believe that educational programs should be introduced in inner-city comprehensive schools, minimum pay legislation should be introduced to reduce welfare dependency, and there should be more investment in...

  • Poorer communities
  • Ammenities such as transport or surgeries
  • Playstation 4 consoles
  • Surveillance

5. The growing contrast between 'cultural inclusion' and ________ creates relative deprivation according to Young

  • Economic exclusion
  • Economic failure
  • Relative admiration
  • False class consciousness


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