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1. Which of these is NOT a modern example of traditional Marxism?

  • Hatfield Train Crash: Balfour Beatty
  • Google's tax avoidance.
  • Japanese tsunami.
  • Qatar 2022 World Cup bribery scandal.
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2. Reiman: selective enforcement means that police arrest powerless groups, such as...

  • The mafia.
  • The working class.
  • The ruling class.
  • The media.

3. What is the name of the left realist crime prevention method?

  • Environmental crime prevention
  • Serious crime prevention
  • Social & community crime prevention
  • Social crime prevention

4. Lea & Young (1984): 3 cause of crime

  • Relative deprivation, subculture, marginalisation
  • Relative deprivation, marginalisation, subordination
  • Gender domains, marginalisation, false class consciousness
  • Capitalism, subculture, relative integration

5. Taylor et al's theory on how crime develops has 6 aspects. Which is not one of those?

  • Investigate the immediate origins of the act
  • Investigate the effects of labelling
  • Investigate the act itself
  • Investigate the cost of damges due to the act
  • Investigate the wider origins of social reaction
  • Investigate the immediate origins of social reaction
  • Investigate the wider origins of the act


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