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1. Which of these is NOT a modern example of traditional Marxism?

  • Qatar 2022 World Cup bribery scandal.
  • Hatfield Train Crash: Balfour Beatty
  • Japanese tsunami.
  • Google's tax avoidance.
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2. Right realists criticise SCC crime prevention for being too soft on crime, by implying it's due to society. They also apparently make excuses for criminals, rather than...

  • Introducing ways of helping victims
  • Creating tighter controls and more severe punishments
  • Recording data as to why crimes occur
  • Giving proof of these excuses

3. Lea & Young (1984): 3 cause of crime

  • Gender domains, marginalisation, false class consciousness
  • Relative deprivation, subculture, marginalisation
  • Relative deprivation, marginalisation, subordination
  • Capitalism, subculture, relative integration

4. The superstructure reinforces the...

  • Media attitudes.
  • Minorstructure.
  • Base.
  • Family.

5. New criminology is also known as what?

  • Critical criminology.
  • Present criminology.
  • Up to date criminology.
  • Decisive criminology.


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