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2. Taylor et al differ from traditional Marxists, as they take a more ____________ view.

  • Voluntaristic
  • Deterministic
  • Ecocentric
  • Ethnocentric

3. Pearce: laws that appear to benefit the w/c even though they benefit the ruling class are known as what?

  • Ideological functioning laws.
  • The glass ceiling.
  • Fake laws.
  • Demonstrations of exploitation.

4. Left realists accuse other sociologists for not doing what?

  • Finding the main reason for why w/c commit crime
  • Taking crime seriously
  • Helping the victims of crime
  • Being deterministic

5. Right realists criticise SCC crime prevention for being too soft on crime, by implying it's due to society. They also apparently make excuses for criminals, rather than...

  • Introducing ways of helping victims
  • Creating tighter controls and more severe punishments
  • Recording data as to why crimes occur
  • Giving proof of these excuses


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