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1. Althusser criticises traditional Marxists as the superstructure is more complicated, there are repressive state apparatuses that force us to behave ideological state apparatuses that control us through ideology. What viewpoint does Althusser have?

  • Postmodernist.
  • Neo-Marxist
  • Subcultural theorist
  • Functionalist
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2. Which of these is NOT a modern example of traditional Marxism?

  • Japanese tsunami.
  • Google's tax avoidance.
  • Qatar 2022 World Cup bribery scandal.
  • Hatfield Train Crash: Balfour Beatty

3. Pearce: laws that appear to benefit the w/c even though they benefit the ruling class are known as what?

  • Ideological functioning laws.
  • Fake laws.
  • Demonstrations of exploitation.
  • The glass ceiling.

4. Left realism developed for two reasons. The need to take rising crime more seriously while producing solutions, and...

  • To create a safer society for citizens
  • Because of the large influence of right realism on the government
  • Because of the need to address issues outside of crime
  • To ensure that crime was dealt with and punished immediately

5. The growing contrast between 'cultural inclusion' and ________ creates relative deprivation according to Young

  • Economic exclusion
  • Economic failure
  • Relative admiration
  • False class consciousness


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