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1. "Crime is a rational response to capitalism and is found in all classes" according to who?

  • Snider (1993)
  • Gordon (1976)
  • Chambliss (1975)
  • Reiman (2001)
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2. Left realists believe that right realist criem prevention methods treat syptoms of crime, rather than the causes e.g.

  • Unemployment
  • Anger
  • Class
  • Aggression

3. Left realism developed since 1980s, with it's key figure being former critical criminologist...

  • Talcott Parsons
  • Jock Young
  • Roger Hood
  • Mac an Ghaill

4. Left realism developed for two reasons. The need to take rising crime more seriously while producing solutions, and...

  • Because of the large influence of right realism on the government
  • To ensure that crime was dealt with and punished immediately
  • Because of the need to address issues outside of crime
  • To create a safer society for citizens

5. Feminists criticise Taylor et al's theory for focusing on male criminality and therefore being...

  • Gender blind.
  • Masculine frozen.
  • Sexist.
  • Discriminatory.


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