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2. Reiman: selective enforcement means that police arrest powerless groups, such as...

  • The mafia.
  • The media.
  • The working class.
  • The ruling class.

3. Right realists criticise SCC crime prevention for being too soft on crime, by implying it's due to society. They also apparently make excuses for criminals, rather than...

  • Introducing ways of helping victims
  • Giving proof of these excuses
  • Creating tighter controls and more severe punishments
  • Recording data as to why crimes occur

4. Althusser criticises traditional Marxists as the superstructure is more complicated, there are repressive state apparatuses that force us to behave ideological state apparatuses that control us through ideology. What viewpoint does Althusser have?

  • Postmodernist.
  • Functionalist
  • Neo-Marxist
  • Subcultural theorist

5. Left realists believe that right realist criem prevention methods treat syptoms of crime, rather than the causes e.g.

  • Unemployment
  • Class
  • Aggression
  • Anger


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