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1. Lea & Young (1984): 3 cause of crime

  • Capitalism, subculture, relative integration
  • Relative deprivation, subculture, marginalisation
  • Gender domains, marginalisation, false class consciousness
  • Relative deprivation, marginalisation, subordination
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2. Left realists believe that educational programs should be introduced in inner-city comprehensive schools, minimum pay legislation should be introduced to reduce welfare dependency, and there should be more investment in...

  • Surveillance
  • Ammenities such as transport or surgeries
  • Poorer communities
  • Playstation 4 consoles

3. "Crime is a rational response to capitalism and is found in all classes" according to who?

  • Chambliss (1975)
  • Snider (1993)
  • Gordon (1976)
  • Reiman (2001)

4. New Criminologists aim to combine ideas from...

  • Interactionism (observations prove crime) and Postmodernism (modern day services means more crime)
  • Left realism (unequal capitalism) and Marxism (revolutions)
  • Traditional Marxism (unequal wealth and power to enforce laws) and Interactionism (effects of labels)
  • Functionalism (how the family affects crime) and Marxism (capitalism leads to new crime)

5. The superstructure reinforces the...

  • Media attitudes.
  • Base.
  • Family.
  • Minorstructure.


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