Marxism and The Role of Education

What is a conflict theory?
Conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat
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What is capitalism?
A system of profit making
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What does Marx believe the role of education is?
To produce an efficient, submissive, obedient workforce to help maintain the unequal capitalist society
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What is education?
An ideological tool that controls the W/C
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When will education be fair?
Once the W/C have instigated a revolution and communism replaces capitalism
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Who are the main 3 Marxist thinkers?
Althusser, Bowles and Gintis and Willis
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What did Althusser say that the main role of education is?
The reproduction of an efficient and obedient workforce
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How did Althusser think this was achieved?
Through schools transmitting the ideology that capitalism is just reasonable (school teaches you to compete with fellow pupils)
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What does it train future workers to become?
Submissive to do as you're told, this way when you are told what to do it seems normal
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What does an ISA (Ideological State Function) do?
Maintain the rule of the R/C by controlling people's ideas, values and beliefs. These include religion, mass media and the education system
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What does the RSA (Repressive State Apparatus) do?
Maintains the rule of the bourgeoisie by force or the threat of it. These include the police, courts and the army. When necessary they use physical force to repress the working class
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What does Althusser say that the ISA is taught through?
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What is the first function that the ISA performs?
Reproduce- class inequality by transmitting it from generation to generation , by failing each successive generation of W/C pupils in turn.
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What is the second function that the ISA performs?
Legitimates- class inequality by producing ideologies that disguise its true cause. The function of ideology is to persuade workers to accept that inequality is inevitable and that they deserve their subordinate position in society
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How do schools reproduce?
By placing students into classes based on their ability, limits the chance that they have at achieving highly
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How do schools legitimate?
If you are in a lower set you will be put in for a lower exam- limiting your chance at achieving highly
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What did Bowles and Gintis research?
Schools in the USA and concluded that the role of education is the reproduction of the workforce
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What was Bowles and Gintis' research called and who did it support?
'Schooling in Capitalist America' 1976 and it supported Althusser's idea that there is a close correspondence (correspondence principle) between the social relationships in the classroom and those in the workplace
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Why is education a 'myth making machine'?
Because it is designed to justify inequality by promoting the idea that failure is due to a lack of hard work rather than injustices and inequalities within the capitalist society- criticism of Parson's meritocracy
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What does the correspondence principle occur through?
School and the workplace
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How does school mirror the workplace?
Through it's hierarchical structures- teachers give orders and pupils obey
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What is social inequality?
Schools also legitimate the myth that everyone has an equal chance- those that work hard deserve the top jobs
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What do Bowles and Gintis argue that rewards are based on?
Social background rather than ability
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What do Bowles and Gintis believe?
That the R/C are able to manipulate the W/C through the hidden curriculum
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What does the Hidden Curriculum teach?
The W/C the values needed within employment
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What is subservience?
Submissive to authority
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How is acceptance of hierarchy shown?
Headteachers, Assistant, Teachers and Pupils
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What is fragmentation of knowledge?
Teachers in certain positions have different amounts of knowledge
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What is the legitimisation of inequality?
Teachers accept that people above them have a right to know more because they know that they worked hard to get there
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What is motivation?
Teachers know that they will stay in that position therefore they will become less motivated
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What is education?


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