Marxism and Neo-Marxism


1. What did Gordon say about crime?

  • "..." (Gordon Freeman)
  • Crime is rational to survive in a unequal capitalist society
  • Crime is the same whether capitalist or communist society
  • Crime is irrational and not needed to survive
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2. What did Marx think workers would do about exploitation?

  • Achieve higher living standards slowly
  • Unite to rise up and have a revolution
  • Do nothing
  • Put Marx in charge instead

3. What type of theory is Marxism?

  • Your 'type' ;)
  • Social Action Theory
  • Structuralist Theory
  • Interactionism Theory

4. Who aims to explain why there has been no revolution?

  • Radical Marxists
  • Neo-Marxists
  • Marxists
  • Dance Dance Revolution

5. What is scapegoating?

  • Racism divides workers and postpons a revolution
  • Black people are scapegoated for capitalist problems
  • Racism helps jusitfy low pay and working conditions
  • Playing 'scapegoat' face down in defence position


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