Marxism and Neo-Marxism

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1. What is false class-conciousness

  • When ruling class ideology teaches the working class to accept inequalities (income, education, health care)
  • When a classroom all gets the same question wrong
  • When people think things are unfair but they are equal
  • When the proletariat are exploiting the bourgeousie
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2. What is it called when labour is worth more than the wage paid?

  • Surplus value
  • Working at Freddy Fazbear's 0-o
  • Breaking even
  • The Living Wage

3. What two inter-dependant parts is capitalist society made up of?

  • Superstructure and jobs
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2
  • Infrastrucutre and Superstrucutre
  • Infrastructure and money

4. What is 'legitimasation'?

  • Racism helps jusitfy low pay and working conditions
  • Old English for 'leg it'
  • Racism divides workers and postpons a revolution
  • Black people are scapegoated for capitalist problems

5. What did Gramsci conclude?

  • Grams are heavier than ounces
  • Hegemony - Capitalists use their superior resources to fool the w/c into thinking the system is fair
  • A revolution would solve everything
  • The bourgeoisie have more cultural capital than the proletariat and this helps them maintain their position


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