Marxism and Neo-Marxism

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1. What is scapegoating?

  • Playing 'scapegoat' face down in defence position
  • Black people are scapegoated for capitalist problems
  • Racism divides workers and postpons a revolution
  • Racism helps jusitfy low pay and working conditions
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2. What is superstructure?

  • Only primary socialisation
  • The economic system and the way society produces goods
  • Made up of social insittutes like family, mass media and education
  • Superman's body structure

3. Who aims to explain why there has been no revolution?

  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Neo-Marxists
  • Radical Marxists
  • Marxists

4. What is the function of superstructure?

  • To make society more equal
  • To fight evil!
  • Reproduce the values and ideas (ideology) of the rulling class to create false class-consciousness
  • Produce goods and money

5. What are the four critisms of Marxism?

  • Too much emphaise on conflict, economic determinism, lack of revolution, no polarization
  • No polirazation, economic determinism, too much revolution, too much emphaise on conflict
  • Ignores conflict, no polirazation, economic determinism, lack of revolution
  • Only about one guy, too much detail, lack of romance, not worth enough Marx in exams


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