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Modern industrial societies have a capitalist economic system - private ownership
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Investors Finance
the production of goods & services with the aim of making profits
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Top and Bottom class
Bourgeoisie - exploits the lower class the Proletariat , making a profit from their labor
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What do Marxists believe about all institutions ?
society exists to legitimate and maintain the capitalist system
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Marxist view of the family
they share common ground with functionlists and are concerned how the family contributes to the maintenance of society
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View of the Family - Marxists argument
they argue that the nuclear family is an agent of social control - teaches it members to submit to the ruling class
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According to the Marxists the family supports capitalism in various ways:
1. Reproduces labor power 2. consumes the goods of capitalism, 3. provides emotional support to cope with work, 4. socializes children into accepting inequalities
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Engels (1820-95)
argued the need for Monogamous- nuclear family arose to solve the problem of inheritance
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Engels - part 2
fathers needed to be sure that property/wealth was being passed down.
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What did Monogamy allow
it allowed more control over women and paternity, the ownership of private property is the foundation of capitalism - protects capitalism
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Louis Althusser (1971)
for capitalism to survive the working class must submit to the ruling class
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Louis Althusser - Ideological State Apparatus
concerned with social control and passing on the ideas and beliefs of the ruling class. The family socializes its members into accepting inequality and believing in the ideals of capitalism
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suggests that the family serves capitalism by offering emotional security from the hard world of work
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Zaresky - what does the family do for male workers?
the family is a private place where male workers can enjoy a private life and be valued
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Zaresky - Marxist perspective
"warm bath ". from a Marxist view the emotional warm this just enough to enable family members to face another day of work - exploitive capitalist system
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Zaresky argues
the family cannot "meet the pressures of being the only refuge in a brutal society"
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Herburt Marcuse (1964)
claimed that working class familes are encouraged to pursue false needs in form of consumer goods. This serves capitalism - exploits the workers
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H. Marcuse - what does the family reproduce ?
the family reproduces and maintains a false class consciousness through socialization. Children learn to accept happiness via material possessions.
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Criticisms of Marxist Views
Many sociologist reject the Marxist view of the family. Some may agree that economic systems have some influence on the family
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Criticisms of Marxist Views- However
However most would disagree with the view that the family is completely shaped by the needs of the system.
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Criticisms of Marxist Views - Functionalists argue
Functionalists argue that Marxists ignore the fact that the family provides real benefits for its members - intimacy and support
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Investors Finance


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Top and Bottom class


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What do Marxists believe about all institutions ?


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