Marks Gospel Key Words

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The commandments
The collection of 10 laws given by God
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Followers of Jesus
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The eye of a needle
A metaphor used by Jesus to show that wealth makes it difficult to enter the Kingdom of God
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The kingdom
The rule of God in people's lives
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A tax collector who was called to be a disciple
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Peter's denial
The way Peter said he was not a follower of Jesus after the arrest of Jesus
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Putting other people's needs before your own
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An act of help or assistance
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Sons of Zebedee
The brothers James and John who Jesus called to follow him
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True family
Those who follow the teaching of Jesus
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True greatness
The teaching of Jesus that service of others is true greatness
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The Twelve
The twelve selected from the disciples to be Jesus' closest disciples
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A gift dedicated to God which meant that it could not be used for anything else
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Going without food on certain days as a sign of devotion to God
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The Law
The collection of laws handed down by God and collected in the Torah
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Palm Sunday
The Sunday before Good Friday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey
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The sufferings of Jesus especially in the time leading up to his crucifixion
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A religious group whose aim was to keep the Jewish tradition alive
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Ritual Cleanliness
The Jewish laws on food and washing which prevented anything unclean entering the body
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The Jewish day of rest on the seventh day of the weel
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Group of priests who controlled the temple and collaborated with the Romans
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Religious lawyers; originally men who made copies of the Torah
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Those who did not follow all the Jewish laws
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The Temple
The building in Jerusalem where sacrifices are made
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Feast of the Unleavened Bread
The first day of the Passover festival
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Last Supper
Jewish festival celebrating the release from Egypt
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Upper Room
The place where the Last Supper took place
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Judas Iscariot
The disciple who betrayed Jesus
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Associating oneself with God / Language or deeds that insult God
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High Priest
The chief Jewish leader at the time of Jesus
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The supreme Jewish council that found Jesus guilty of blasphemy
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Pontius Pilate
The Roman procurator (governor) at the time of Jesus
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The Roman death penalty suffered by Jesus when he was nailed to a cross
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The place of the skull; the place Jesus was crucified
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Confessing sins and being immersed in water as a sign of purification
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John the Baptist
The man who baptised Jesus in the River Jordan
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An acknowledgement or declaration of something
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The Old Testament prophet believed to return before the Messiah
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The anointed one (Christ) who will bring in God's kingdom
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The Old Testament prophet to whom God gave his laws
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When Jesus' appearance was changed
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Nature miracle
A miracle that shows Jesus' power over nature
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A man from whom Jesus cast out many spirits
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Healing miracle
A miracle which shows Jesus' power over sickness
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The synagogue ruler whose daughter was brought back to life
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Followers of Jesus



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A metaphor used by Jesus to show that wealth makes it difficult to enter the Kingdom of God


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The rule of God in people's lives


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A tax collector who was called to be a disciple


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