Marketing and Operations - Marketing quiz

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1. When incorporating 'marketing development' strategy, an organisation might

  • Target new geographical locations
  • Develop new packaging
  • Provide special offers and promotions
  • Offer loyalty schemes
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2. Buyer bargaining power is high if

  • There are few dominant buyers and many sellers
  • There are few dominant buyers and few sellers
  • There are few dominant suppliers and many buyers
  • There are many suppliers and many buyers

3. A high threat of new entrants can

  • Reduce competitiveness
  • Increase competitiveness

4. Diversification involves

  • Target new markets with the same product
  • Sell different products to new/different markets
  • Selling the same products to the same people
  • Sell more different products to the same people

5. If a company is selling the same products to new people, the strategy is called

  • Market Penetration
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Development
  • Diversification


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