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Define Hypothesis
An explanation of an observation that can be tested through experimentation
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What is a variable?
A condition in an experiment that can be controlled or changed
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Define Theory
A well-substantiated explanation of an aspect of the natural world that has been repeatedly tested and confirmed through observation and experimentation
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Define Refute
Submitting evidence that shows that a hypothesis is correct
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What is qualitative data?
Descriptive data about a variable, such as colour or behaviour
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What is quantitative data?
Numerical data that give the quality, amount or range
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Define Prediction
A statement of the expected results in an experiment based on the hypothesis being tested
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What is an independent variable?
The variable being changed in an experiment
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What is the dependent variable?
The variable being measured in an experiment
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What is a control group?
A group within an experiment or study that receives exactly the same treatment as the experimental groups within the exception of the variable being tested
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What is the control variable?
Variables that are not being tested but must be kept the same in case the affect the experiment
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What is a confounding variable?
A variable that could affect the dependent variable. In labs these are the controlled variables, in fields they are normally just measured and recorded
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A result or observation that deviates from what is normal or expected. In experimental results it normally refers to one repeated result that does not fit the pattern of the others
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What is reliable results?
Results that can be replicated by other people
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What is a meniscus?
The curve in the ipper surface of a liquid inside a container
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What is the cause of a meniscus?
Surface tension
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Explain a concave meniscus
When the liquid are more strongly attracted to the container than each other. It curves downwards
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Explain a convex meniscus
Molecules of liquid are more strongly attached to each other than the container. It curves upwards
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What is a variable?


A condition in an experiment that can be controlled or changed

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Define Theory


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Define Refute


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What is qualitative data?


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