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2. In his The Ballot or the Bullet speech Malcolm X didn't suggest...

  • Liberation "by all means necessary"
  • Taking part in election
  • Forgiveness of white racists
  • Gunownership

3. After his Hajj Malcolm X started to believe what might be possible?

  • Setting up a Black only State in the USA
  • Rejoining the Nation of Islam
  • Integration of Whites and Blacks
  • Setting up a Black only state in the Middle East

4. Which of these didn't the OAAU run in the USA?

  • Clinics to tackle single cell anaemia
  • Voter registration campains
  • School boycotts
  • Programmes to help drug addicts

5. What year did Malcolm X leave the Nation of Islam?

  • February 1965
  • March 1964
  • April 1963
  • September 1964


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