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1. What does die cutting do?

  • it changes the colour of a material while it cuts it
  • it cuts and creases a material like a stamp
  • it cuts through wood or plastic using one blade
  • it creates multiple creases and fold lines
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2. what is the first step to vacuum forming?

  • place the plastic over the mould
  • heat the plastic
  • remove all the air from under the mould
  • lift up the vacuum jig

3. What is a jig used for?

  • to replicate a design or pattern
  • to align a drill bit
  • to make holes in thick materials
  • to stop the material from shaking

4. which of the following is true about injection moulding?

  • The process is fast but basic shapes can be made
  • The process is slow but complicated shapes can be made
  • The process is very fast and complicated shapes can be made
  • The process is very slow and basic shapes can be made

5. what is thermoplastic used for?

  • injection moulding and CAM
  • injection moulding and blow moulding
  • 3D printing and die cutting
  • die cutting and blow moulding


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