Maintenance of Relationships

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1. What is the comparison level?

  • The standard to which all relationships are compared to, its based on past experiences of relationships, parents' relationship, the media's portrayal of relationship and peers' relationships
  • Another possible partner that may have a potential relationship that is more in profit than the current relationship
  • When the costs outweigh the rewards
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2. What did Christensen et al. find?

  • When using relationship therapy based on the increasing positive exchanges, 2/3's of couples relationships improved maintaining their relationships
  • Economic theories such as the equity theory cannot be applied to non-western cultures due to the selfish nature of this theory and collectivist cultures aren't based on such values
  • We only evaluate the rewards and costs of a relationships in a breakdown of a relationship
  • When husbands earned more than their wive both the husband and wive would consider his job more important whereas if a wive earned more than their husband both said their jobs were equally as important

3. Which model did Rustbult and Van Lange develop?

  • The investment Model
  • The equity theory
  • The social exchange theory

4. An equitable relationship is a relationship that ....

  • When the benefits minus the costs of one of the partners is equal to the benefits minus the costs of the other partner?
  • A relationship is in profit

5. Who suggested the social exchange theory?

  • Thibaut and Kelly
  • Walster
  • Rusbult and Van Lange
  • Argyle


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