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2. What is the standard potential difference (voltage) of a UK mains socket?

  • 240V
  • 230 V
  • 13V
  • 120V

3. What is the maximum rating of a UK plug?

  • 5 A
  • 13 A
  • 3 A
  • 15 A

4. What is the purpose of a earth wire?

  • To connect the appliance to the mains
  • To carry charge away from an appliance should there be a fault
  • To charge the appliance
  • To prevent overload in an appliance

5. What does RCCB stand for?

  • Reusable cut-off circuit breaker
  • Residual current circuit breaker
  • Remote controlled circuit breaker
  • Resettable compact circuit breaker


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