Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy

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Name a form of Mahayana Philosophy
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When was Madyamaka founded?
150 AD
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What does Madyamaka mean?
Middle Way
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What is the middle way between?
Believing than objects really exist or that they don't exist at all.
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What is the first school of Madyamaka?
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What is the second school of Madyamaka?
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What does Shunyata mean?
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Outline the key points of Shunyata
Everthing is empty of inherent existence, everything is impermenent, everything depends on something else and there is nothing physical or conceptual which can be grasped onto, nothing idenpendantly exists.
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What does Conditioned Arising mean?
That one object only exists due to the conditions of another.
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What happens when these conditions are removed?
The object ceases to exist.
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When an object is by itself what it happens?
It's nothing, doesnt exist and is empty.
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What is Conditioned Arising also known as?
Dependant Origniation and Paticassamupada.
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What is Skilful Means also known as?
Upaya Kusala
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Outline th key points of this?
Speacilist teaching techniques and methods- Buddha used on Nagarjuna.
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What does Upaya Kusala lead to?
Skilful frame of mind and insight into the ultimate truth.
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How are Nirvana and Samsara viewed in Madhyamaka?
Impermanent and dependant on eachother and empty of existence (ultimate level), exists in the conventional.
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What is said about this?
It has conceptual emptiness.
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Emptiness of what?
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What is Svabhava?
Own Nature
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What is Own nature?
Component parts of an object.
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What is this also known as?
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Outlien the key point of this?
They exist when together, but are empty when seperate.
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What is Tathata?
Thusness and Suchness
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What is thusness?
The emptiness of an object
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What is suchness?
What makes the object the way it is.
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What are the two truths?
Conventional and Ultimate
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Name the Sutras
Prajnaparimita, heart, lotus and diamond
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When was Madyamaka founded?


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What does Madyamaka mean?


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What is the middle way between?


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What is the first school of Madyamaka?


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