macro economics

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1. People who enjoy high standards of living usually have all of the following EXCEPT:

  • higher literacy rates
  • better general health.
  • freedom from scarcity.
  • longer life expectancies.
  • more and better consumer goods.
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2. Deflating a nominal quantity is the process of dividing a ____ quantity by a ______ in order to express the quantity in ______ terms.

  • nominal; nominal quantity; real
  • nominal; price index; real
  • real; nominal quantity; real
  • nominal; real quantity; nominal
  • real; price index; nominal

3. The nominal interest rate equals the

  • inflation rate times the real interest rate.
  • real interest rate plus the inflation rate.
  • inflation rate minus the real interest rate.
  • real interest rate minus the inflation rate
  • real interest rate divided by the inflation rate.

4. The money demand curve will shift to the left if

  • the price level decreases.
  • price level increases
  • the nominal interest rate decreases.
  • the nominal interest rate increases
  • real income increases.

5. In the equation Md = kY - hi, where Md is money demand, the parameter k captures _____

  • the transactions demand for money
  • the effects of inflation
  • the total demand for money
  • the money supply
  • the speculative demand for money


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