Macbeth quotes ACT 5

will these...
hand ne'er be clean?
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what's done...
cannot be undone
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to bed...
to bed, to bed
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hand loose...
about him like a giant's robe
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till Birnan Wood...
remove to Dunsinane I cannot taint with fear
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never sag...
with doubt nor shake with fear
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the devil...
damn thee black
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I'll figt till...
from my bones my flesh be hacked
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let every soldier...
hew him down a bough
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are absent too
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I have almost...
forgot the taste of fears
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supped full...
with horrors
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out, brief candle
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If thou...
speak'st false
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that lies...
like truth
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but bear-like...
I must fight the course
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hellhound, turn!
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I will try...
the last
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dead butcher...
and his fiend-like queen
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Card 2


what's done...


cannot be undone

Card 3


to bed...


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Card 4


hand loose...


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Card 5


till Birnan Wood...


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