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2. complete Macduff's quote 'Turn _____________ Turn'

  • devil
  • fiend
  • bloody inventor
  • hell-hound
  • Macbeth

3. Complete the quote '________ that shalt be king hereafter'

  • All hail Banquo
  • All hail Macbeth
  • All hail Macduff
  • All hail Lennox

4. Finish this stage direction 'Enter the ghost of Banquo ___________'

  • and sits in Macduff's place
  • and stands behind Macbeth
  • and sits in Macbeth's place
  • and stands behind Macbeth

5. complete the quote 'Macduff was from his ______________'

  • mother's womb untimely ripped
  • side, ready to fight
  • mother's womb
  • castle ready for battle




does not check answers its a ripoff!

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