Macbeth key quotes quiz LITB3

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1. complete the quote 'then yield thee coward___________'

  • yet what i do think of thee
  • and return to hell
  • and live to be the show
  • and i will gain my rightful place
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2. what is Macbeth's mind full of?

  • tender spirits
  • scorpions
  • evil thoughts
  • bloody instructions

3. Complete the quote '________ that shalt be king hereafter'

  • All hail Lennox
  • All hail Macduff
  • All hail Macbeth
  • All hail Banquo

4. What is the first apparition?

  • a child crowned with a tree in his hand
  • an armed head
  • a bloody child

5. complete the quote '___________________ wash this blood clean from my hands'?

  • will a little water
  • will all great neptune's ocean
  • will all the perfumes of arabia
  • will I ever



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