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2. Finish Lady Macbeth's quote ''____________ then you were a man'

  • when you kill Duncan
  • when you durst do it
  • when you take the daggers
  • when you clean the daggers

3. how does Macbeth respond to this?

  • for thy good caution, thanks
  • that will never be
  • then live macduff, what need i fear of thee?

4. who says Macbeth feels his 'title hang loose like a giant's robe'?

  • Ross
  • Macduff
  • Angus
  • Lennox

5. finish the quote 'pall thee____________________'

  • stay you imperfect speakers
  • into Duncan's chamber
  • in the dunnest smoke of hell
  • in my mind are scorpions
  • unsex me here
  • away to heaven




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