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Is a very ambitious Scottish nobleman. He murders King of Scotland and takes his place as King. He was easy influenced by his wife and her cleverly said words, he did not want to look like a 'coward'. Gets murdered by Macduff at the end of act 5.
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Macbeth's wife. Persuades him to kill Duncan. She is very clever and quick-witted; very ruthless compared to Macbeth. She is seen as much stronger than her husband; would kill her own baby. Eventually goes mad and kills herself in act 5.
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A noble soldier. He does not trust Macbeth and eventually kills him.
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The King of Scotland at the start of the play. Killed by Macbeth in act 2. Was much better on the throne than Macbeth; less aggressive. He is not afraid to be emotional, he shows 'drops of sorrow' because he is happy.
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Duncan's son. He flees after Duncan's murder and becomes King at the end of the play. He is the rightful King and turns into a good leader; he earns the trust of the Scottish thanes who say they will 'give obedience where tis truly owed'.
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They are evil supernatural beings who can predict the future; act 1 scene 3. Their leader is called Hecate. They are who drove Macbeth's ambition to become King; they take advantage of Macbeth's weakness (his 'vaulting ambition').
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A brave solider and nobleman, who never got much credit compared to Macbeth. He was friends with Macbeth but then Macbeth ordered murderers to kill him in act 3 scene 3. He was much more honourable than Macbeth; does have ambition but leaves it.
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Is Macduff's wife. Macbeth has her and her children murdered out of spite in act 4.
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Paul Dutton

A good, basic refresher of the main characters.  Useful for some quick revision.


Quite dank, and rather helpful!


thanks this was really good help for me to understand Macbeth more easily :)

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