Macbeth at HOME Theatre

Who were the Directors?
Carrie Cracknell and Lucy Guerin
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Who was the Designer?
Lizzie Clachan
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Who did Costume?
Merle Hensel
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Who did Lighting?
Neil Austin
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Who did Music?
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Who did Sound?
David McSeveney
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Who was the co-production team?
Young Vic, HOME and Birmingham Repertory Theatre
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What were the key themes addressed in this production?
Power, Treachery, Paranoia, Betrayal and Suicide
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When did HOME theatre open?
24th April 2015
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Who was the HOME theatre funded by?
Manchester City Council and Arts Council, England
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Who is a patron of HOME?
Danny Boyle
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What does a patron do?
Helps the survival of HOME, brings a level of prestige, brings other artists
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What is the mission of HOME?
"HOME will be for all" - heart of society
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How big are the two performance venues?
500 seat and 150 seat
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What are the Young Vic's two concepts?
An Idea and a Building
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What do the Young Vic strive for?
"Inclusive, class-free society"
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What does their parallel theatre company provide?
Productions of their shows suitable for youth theatre and schools
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What is the mission of Birmingham Rep?
"Inspire the city of Birmingham to a lifelong love of theatre"
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What is Carrie Cracknell renowned for?
Blending contemporary dance with theatre and reinterpretations of classical, international plays"
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What job did Carrie Cracknell do from 2011-2013
Associate Director of the Young Vic
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What production did Cracknell direct at the National Theatre?
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How does Cracknell become a political director?
"Lern about the play through the audience's eyes"
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How does Lucy Guerin describe her work as?
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On what date did you see this production?
3rd February 2016
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