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2. Who speaks first in scene 3?

  • King Duncan
  • Witch 1
  • Macbeth
  • Banquo

3. What does the raven symbolize?

  • Mystery, sleepwalking and ghosts. It sings lullabies.
  • Death, murder and beauty. It is always found in graveyards.
  • Evil, black and death. It is a scavenger found on battlefields.
  • Night time, death and mystery. It is a song bird.

4. Which action in scene 4 foregrounds actions at the end of the play?

  • King Duncan's family and servants are murdered.
  • The Thane of Cawdor is executed for being a traitor.
  • King Duncan visits Lady Macbeth
  • The King is assassinated.

5. What is scene 7 known as?

  • The Scene of Lady Macbeth's Grand Plan
  • The Blackmail Scene
  • The Porter's Scene
  • The Scene of Dramatic Irony





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