Lung Diseases

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How does Fibrosis arise?
Scars on the lung epithelium making them thicken
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What does this mean?
They cannot diffuse oxygen into the blood as the linings of the alveoli are too thick
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How does thickening affect diffusion?
The pathway is longer and lung volume is decreased
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How is elasticity affected?
It is reduced as Fibrosis makes it difficult to breathe and therefore ventilate the lungs
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Why is elasticity important?
Elasticity allows the lungs to spring back like a balloon when expelling air.
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Discuss how Pulmonary Fibrosis can give a person shortness of breath.
Fibrous tissue reduces volume, less volume for air therefore oxygen. Thickened alveoli lengthen the diffusion path and slow down diffusion. Loss of elasticity, hard to ventilate and maintain diffusion gradient.
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Why can a person develop a chronic, dry cough when they have PF?
Fibrous tissue creates an obstruction in the lungs. The lungs try to clear their pathways so a person coughs to move the tissue. Nothing is expelled so the cough is "dry".
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Fatigue is caused by...
less oxygen being taken in, less respiration
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Soreness in the chest is caused by...
Build up of Fibrous tissue = build up of pressure
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What is Asthma stimulated by?
Allergens cause white blood cells to release histamine
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Describe the effects of histamine
Inflammation of airways so more mucus is secreted. Fluid then leaves capillaries and enters airways. This is alien so the muscle contracts and constricts the airways.
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List the symptoms of Asthma.
Difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing
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The constriction of bronchi causes all of these symptoms. Why?
One cannot ventilate the lungs as the air does not pass through the bronchi fully.
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Emphysema develops from smoking. How does it arise?
The lungs are stretched permanently, alveoli bursts
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What are the effects of Emphysema?
Reduced oxy levels - shortness of breath from reduced SA, cilia destroyed - chronic cough, poor gas diffusion
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Main purposes to remember?
Ventilate by inhalation - Asthma, ventilate by exhalation - Fibrosis and Emphysema, large SA - Emphysema, short diff path - Fibrosis
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What does this mean?


They cannot diffuse oxygen into the blood as the linings of the alveoli are too thick

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How does thickening affect diffusion?


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How is elasticity affected?


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Why is elasticity important?


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