Love's Dog- Edexcel GCSE 9-1- Poetry - Relationships cluster

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Poet's name
Jen Hadfield
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Date the poem was written
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Key point
Love is an adventure and modern relationships are often overly complicated
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Context (simple)
Very well known and award winning poet
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Context (her pessimism)
Hadfield's pessimistic views may be justified by the increasing divorce rates in western societies.
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3 language points (subject terminology)
Cyclical structure of medical imagery,,,,, Absolute personal pronoun,,,,, multiple unconventional metaphors
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3 Form/ structure points
Enjambment,,,,, rhyming couplets,,,,,anaphora
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Medical imagery quotes
"Diagnosis" "Prognosis" "Sick parrot"
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Metaphor to explain in detail
"what I loathe about love is its burnt toast and bonemeal"
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Absolute personal pronoun
"its" - shows ownership and control
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Anaphora Quotes
"what I love about love" and "what I hate about love"
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What to compare Love's Dog with?
I wanna be yours by John Cooper Clarke
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