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2. Where was Louis actually discovered and captured?

  • Toulouse
  • Austria
  • Varennes
  • Versailles

3. What was Louis' reasons for leaving France in secret?

  • That he was being kidnapped by the Count d'Artois.
  • That he was leaving France to speak with the Pope urgently.
  • That he disagreed with all the changes of the Constitution and Assembly.
  • That he agreed with all the changes of the Constitution.

4. Where had Louis and his family attempted to go on holiday when they were first stopped from leaving Paris?

  • Milan (Italy)
  • Saint-Cloud (Outskirts of Paris)
  • Versaille (Outskirts of Paris)
  • Grenoble

5. Who escaped from Paris with Louis?

  • Nobody, he left alone.
  • Marie Antoinette and their children.
  • Several members of the Assembly and Clergy.
  • Calonne and Necker.


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