Louis' XVI and the Flight to Varennes

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1. What issue did the Flight to Varennes bring to light?

  • That the King wanted to stay in France.
  • That the King was against the revolution.
  • That people wanted to kidnap the King.
  • That Marie Antoinette was dying.
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2. When did the Flight to Varennes take place?

  • June 1791
  • October 1791
  • June 1789
  • July 1794

3. Where had Louis and his family attempted to go on holiday when they were first stopped from leaving Paris?

  • Milan (Italy)
  • Saint-Cloud (Outskirts of Paris)
  • Versaille (Outskirts of Paris)
  • Grenoble

4. Who caught the King and raised the alarm of his escape?

  • A postmaster
  • A baker
  • A royal minister
  • A serf

5. How did Louis express his opinions on the work of the Assembly and the Constitution?

  • He didn't, he just fled with no explanation.
  • He left a letter behind at the palace for ministers to discover.
  • He sent a letter to the Assembly from his refuge abroad.
  • He made a formal announcement in front of a crowd at the Tuileries.


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